Q-LawE is Vertican’s Enterprise software product.

This superior platform is best-in-class for its robust functionalities including an all-integrated system, with built-in workflow automation for all aspects of managing the collections cycle.

Superior Features
for automated success.


Tightly integrated media management with vMedia

Built-in FTP

Nick & Kurt

Dynamic cost and trust accounting functionality

Rule-Based Automation

  • DDAS – Data Driven Automated/Automation System
  • Job Scheduler Automation – Allows multi-threading that powerfully enhances the throughput of jobs dramatically reducing the number of humans (depending on the firm, by the hundreds) normally required to run and monitor processes

Feature Rich

  • Attorney Meaningful Review (AMR)
  • Automated email monitoring
  • Statute of Limitation (SOL) management
  • Vertican Support Access (VSA) *Vertican Support Access (VSA) – an in-app tool integrated with Q-LawE and Collection-Master software to create technical support tickets. This smart app seamlessly guides the user to provide information relevant to the issue at hand in turn enabling the Vertican Client Success team to address the situation in a quick and efficient manner.

Built for scale

  • Multi-user accounting architecture
  • Concurrent Job Scheduler running parallel jobs
  • Fast data compilation

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

  • Built on a modern SQL Database with self-running maintenance
  • Many third-party tools available to query SQL data
  • Built-in ad-hoc queries using SQL server and related tool Q-LawE Reports and Query, Quick Report within Task Manager, multiple report output options including the Excel format which support multi tabs


  • Client Communication in-App Messaging delivers information and resources available to you as part of your software subscription

Robust Data Integration

  • With third-party vendors (i.e., process servers, payment vendors, etc.)
    • PaymentVision
    • Vertican File & Serve

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