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Vertican’s suite of collection software products provides sophisticated, seamless support that streamlines collection cycles from beginning to end.

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Improving people’s lives by developing technology that strengthens the credit eco-system expanding growth and opportunity.

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For more than 40 years, Vertican Technologies has been the receivables industry leader providing best-in-class technology, making operations more efficient, compliant, and profitable.

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Thank you for the ongoing support and partnership with our firm within the legal credit and collections industry. Given the uncertainty of business and with technology driving change in this new world, we all need a little bit of help to navigate.


S.J. Baek
Nair & Levin, P.C.

Vertican’s client success team, product updates, and resources demonstrate your commitment to staying ahead of what’s happening in industry. You’ve ensured that we have the most robust tools at our disposal and this commitment to excellence has solidified our trust in VT over the years.

Vertican Technologies Client

As a long-time Collection-Master user, I cannot emphasize enough how the software has become an invaluable asset to our firm. It’s been a key ingredient that has proven to be nothing short of ‘priceless’. The efficiency it brings to our collections processes have significantly elevated our operations.

Vertican Technologies Client

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on Jena’s customer service. Folks are always so quick to complain and don’t take the time to share positive experiences. Jena was super flexible with my crazy schedule and when I had questions, her response time was so impressive, connecting me with the right people and making sure that all my questions were answered.

Tina Swiggum
NowackHoward, LLC.

I have been with CLS, now Vertican, since 1992.

Vertican Technologies has helped us stay in business and succeed with clients.



Collection-Master Client

A significant value of vExchange Gates are rooted in adhering to our company’s compliance requirements. Prior to having Gates in place, we were not managing our data. We were ingesting everything that was passed to us from firms and we did not have a handle on what firms were doing with respect to compliance. Now that we are managing our data by way of vExchange Gates, we are able ingest the right data.

National Debt Buyer
vExchange Client

We have been using Vertican’s Collection-Master software since 1994 and couldn’t be more pleased with its ease of use and functionality. It has been a critical part of the success of our company and we highly recommend Vertican and their software products and services.

Mark Norych, Esq.
The Norych Group Inc.

Advocates for
Universal Data.

Vertican Technologies has been revolutionizing the transmission and standardization of data used to protect creditors’ rights and the systems used to enforce those rights.

  • Converging Data, Validation, and Analytics in one platform
  • Eliminating operational waste and streamlining business processes
  • Harmonizing hundreds of non-standard standards into a well-defined structure and form
  • Centralizing data in a clearing house where the data is normalized, sanitized, and standardized
  • Securing the round-trip data exchange between all Senders, Servicers, and Third-party vendors
  • Freeing up resources to focus on building tools that advance the industry