The undisputed leader in debt collection technology and automation.

Collection-Master provides a robust and integrated system, allowing users to efficiently manage a wide range of debt collection activities. It offers solutions for organizing and tracking cases, managing consumer information, and automating key processes.

Streamlining operations
and improving productivity.


Collection-Master users manage millions of claims

An invaluable tool for collection law firms and agencies


Converging Paths

FTP Services – Configurable data transfer tools to upload and download data on a schedule with clients and 3rd-party services.

Vertican Support Access (VSA) – an in-app tool integrated with Collection-Master and Q-LawE software to create technical support tickets. This smart app seamlessly guides the user to provide information relevant to the issue at hand in turn enabling the Vertican Client Success team to address the situation in a quick and efficient manner.

Paperless File

The primary work screen provides intelligent paperless filing which tracks all activity and provides a quick reference to the history of the claim including all media.


Robust options to handle a wide range of debt collection practices facilitating the proper methodology to handle the varying client and state requirements.

Forms Management

Fast and flexible word processing that efficiently generates legal forms for law firms nationwide. Tight integration with vMedia making filing a breeze.


Hundreds of pre-built reports with easy customization options, Real-time data mining; instantly track claim status, liquidation rates, and profitability

  • Leverage the power of SQL by transferring all Collection-Master data to a SQL server in near real-time with SQL-Sync.

Compliance Tools

Mission-critical protections throughout the application

  • Call Screen ensures compliance with Mini-Miranda and Regulation F requirements.


Leverage smart automation to control operating costs, streamline collection processes, and optimize employee efforts. Customizable automation tools facilitate volume processing and reduce human effort.

Advanced Customizable Workflow Configurations

Meet every need of a debt collection practice from claim placement, through the legal and collection processes.

  • Workflow management tools to analyze and optimize work efforts.
  • Smart built-in if-this-than-that technology

Integration and Scalability

A highly flexible and scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with other systems and technologies. Collection-Master offers integration options with third-party applications, such as payment processors and credit bureaus, skip tracing and more for a streamlined workflow.

  • Over 400 bidirectional working client interfaces for the largest national and local credit grantors
  • Easy-to-use data import and export tools to meet a wide variety of client demands

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