Nicholas Arcaro

Nicholas began his career as a software operator for Commercial Legal Software which, because of a strategic alliance, was later to become Vertican Technologies. With more than 30 years of experience, Nicholas has helped thousands of law firms and debt collectors educate their employees and utilize their software to its fullest capability, ultimately lowering their collection costs.

As a career-long Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry member, Nicholas has contributed his expertise to numerous speaking engagements, demonstrations, and consultations. As SVP of Sales for Vertican, Nicholas’s extensive technical knowledge continues to advance in the ever-changing world of collections and technology. His commitment to client satisfaction is a testament to his long-standing success. In short, Nicholas is a charismatic individual and combined with his driven work ethic, makes him an invaluable contributor in business development.

On the personal side, Nicholas likes to make and write songs as well as record music. He also has a great love of spending time outdoors, especially bass fishing.

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