Luis Gomez

Luis I. Gomez has over 30 years’ experience with Vertican, filling literally every role including Client Success representative, field trainer, application engineer, designer, and developer. In addition to building the Collection-Master platform, Luis is one of the original architects of the YGC standard and Mailman, and more recently, the revolutionary vExchange® Data Standard. As a result of being deeply involved with all aspects of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry, Luis has built an unparalleled understanding of the industry which enables him to provide innovative, unique, and out-of-the-box solutions.

As one of Vertican’s top ranking Subject Matter Experts, Luis has been lending his expertise to clients through two initiatives. He conducts web training on a regular basis for The Mastermind Series, high-level educational instruction designed to help clients optimize their platform experience. Luis also produces high-level Problem, Determination, Resolution (PDR) guides. These guides are published on the Vertican website to walk users through complex software troubleshooting and make life much easier when it comes to deciding if and when to reach out for support.

For Luis, working with computers and technology is more than a job, it’s been a personal passion. His dedication to performance optimization by finding ways to shave seconds off existing processes has enabled Vertican products to produce some of the fastest tools available.

As CSO, Luis currently works with his Vertican leadership team colleagues on strategic initiatives, helping to communicate organizational goals and determine areas for improvement and growth. His ability to understand the causes and effects of change within an organization and the industry at large is unparalleled.

Spare time you ask? Well, Luis is an avid Tesla fan. “I placed my $2,500.00 deposit on my Model 3 back in April of 2016. I received my car in 2018, and four years later it’s paid in full, and is still in great shape!”  In the last four years, the only time he has bought any gas has been for the one gallon he uses for his snow blower!

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