Kurt Sund

A 30-year veteran of the industry, Kurt Sund is well-versed in the ins and outs of maintaining a successful collections firm. His venture into collections began in 1986 with the founding of a St. Louis area collection agency. Kurt’s understanding of the legal aspects of collections and his skill for programming made him a desirable prospect for a local legal collections firm, who subsequently hired him to serve as chief architect of their in-house collections system.

In 2001, after a decade refining the firm’s software system, he began developing Q-Law, taking the knowledge he gained during his years in the collection industry and applying it to an all-in-one, Windows native software system. In 2003, Q-Soft, LLC. was founded, and two years later Q-Law was mature enough to be taken to market. Since the company’s inception, Q-Law has become the driving force behind the collections processes in firms of all sizes across the country. Beginning in 2015, Kurt has subsequently been developing the enterprise system to Q-Law, Q-LawE, where the future of collection workflow automation lives and continues to evolve. Q-LawE, now live with many law firms and debt buyers around the country, applies revolutionary workflow automation to an all-integrated system and remains at the forefront of industry software today.

When Kurt is not busy innovating at Vertican, he is very involved in teaching sailing and on the board with Sailing Education Adventures, a non-profit organization in San Rafael, California. He also travels to Denmark to visit family often.

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