Kent McCammon

Kent McCammon graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce at University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce concentrating in Finance and Management Information Systems in 1989.  He started his career in software development (database design) then transitioned into Investment Banking (biotechnology and health care).  He then went to earn his MBA at Darden where he was a Shermet Scholar and was awarded the Faculty Award for Academic Excellence.

He returned to Investment Banking (Lehman Brothers) which led to a career in Investment Management. He formed a hedge fund at Atlantic Capital that was ranked number 5 in the country in 1999. He then transitioned into venture investing by working for Trader Ventures (AutoTrader, Inc.).  After venture investing, he was recruited to form the Shamrock Activist Fund for the Disney family in Los Angeles and helped raise $1.5 billion. He successfully ran the fund with his partner before being recruited to start the Corporate Development team at Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) Group.  During his 14 years at PRA Group, he led all acquisitions, doubling the footprint and revenues of the company and leading their expansion into 17 countries while also diversifying then divesting of fee service businesses. He consequently returned more capital to investors than the base business when calculated using total capital and internal rates of return. His time at PRA Group was highlighted by winning the 2014 Atlas M&A Deal of the Year with his $1.3 billion acquisition of Aktiv Capital based in Oslo, Norway.  When the new CEO decided to de-emphasize the importance of Corporate Development, he formed an investor group to inject capital into Vertican Technologies and became the CFO and the Investor Group representative on the Board in November 2021.

When not crunching the numbers, Kent is quite the athlete. He is an avid tennis player and fan, and he even does hot yoga.

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