Isaac Goldman

Isaac Goldman is Vertican Technologies’ strategic architect. He is a third-generation Accounts Receivable Management industry member, growing up going to collection conferences with his father and attending court with his grandfather. Isaac joined Commercial Legal Software, Inc. (CLS) in 2010, bringing with him an expertise in Business Operations, Mergers and Acquisition, and Product Development. Isaac led CLS in its transformation into Vertican Technologies and Vertican’s growth from 2013 to the present through several acquisition and business expansion strategies.

Isaac’s background and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to his passion for problem solving. He studied continental philosophy at Eugene Lang, The New School for Liberal Arts followed by The New School for Social Research. Isaac uses his philosophy training, innate entrepreneurial spirit, and pragmatic approach to problem solving to eliminate operational waste and increase efficiencies, ROIs, and profits at Vertican. As leader, Isaac’s acumen for rethinking and redeploying conventional wisdom has enabled him to systematically improve, innovate, and continually scale the business.

On a more personal note, Isaac loves to spend quality time with his two kids. Surfing and snowboarding are among their favorite activities to do together.

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