Diego Hernandez

Diego has been an innovative industry strategist for more than 15 years focusing on business transformation, process improvement, and strategy execution. His track record of success in exceeding revenues and profit targets and improving quality and compliance has been widely recognized within the collections’ technology arena.

Based out of Puerto Rico, Diego is responsible for guiding the strategic vision for all Vertican products. Diego joined Vertican in 2020, however, his association with the company began five years earlier during his highly regarded tenure at Midland Credit Management, one of Vertican’s largest Senders. Having worked closely with the Vertican team during that time afforded Diego invaluable client-level insight to which he delivers daily at Vertican. Furthermore, his expertise and leadership guided the completion of the industry-anticipated vExchange® migration.

His extensive knowledge of compliance and regulatory agencies, such as the CFPB, FDCPA, TCPA, GLBA, ECOA, TILA, and FCRA, allow Diego to implement strategic and operational improvements, achieving revenue targets and cost-saving opportunities, and developing process efficiencies within the bounds of governing guidelines.

Outside of VT, Diego enjoys watching and playing sports, hiking, and going to the beach with his kids and wife.

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