Vertican Announces Hiring of Senior Legal Counsel to Protect Intellectual Property

October 24, 2022
Contact: Maggie DiPalma | Manager, Marketing
[email protected]

Fairfield, NJ – Vertican Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the debt collection software industry, announced today the hiring of Michael H. Smither as Senior Legal Counsel.

Michael’s primary focus will be securing Vertican’s vast intellectual property rights developed over the past 40 years and enforcing the appropriate licensing of Vertican’s intellectual property to protect and promote the company’s interests. Michael has an extensive financial and legal background both as a practicing attorney and successful business leader since graduating from the University of Virginia in 1988.

“It is a tremendous privilege to join such an incredible company that has revolutionized the transmission and standardization of data used to protect creditors’ rights and the systems used to enforce those rights,” stated Michael Smither.” I look forward to contributing to the protection of Vertican’s industry innovations and the long-term success of the company.”

“Adding Michael to the team as Senior Legal Counsel is an important step for the Vertican organization in protecting our 40+ year intellectual property. Vertican’s technology is ubiquitous in the collections industry,” remarked Isaac Goldman, Chief Executive Officer. “Michael’s role means that we are now in an even stronger position to eliminate data-use ambiguity and ensure our Senders and Receivers have the best, and most compliant and efficient user experience. Proper licensing and data standard usage advances our mission to deliver on our corporate promise of data with integrity; we are excited to welcome Michael in a key role that will make this happen.”

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