Important Update to Your Incident Submission Process

We recently sent you an email explaining why Vertican has invested in the comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) platform, Apptivo. This will change the way we track new incidents, so please carefully review the following information.

What does this mean when submitting emails to Client Services?
When an email is received, it will automatically create an incident in Apptivo and the sender will receive an automated response including the Case Number. This will be represented by a number, such as 123. There will also be a secondary key that will resemble something similar to #A-CS-2658665. This number is required for the automation in Apptivo to work. Please do not remove either number from any of the email correspondences.

How do I verify my Support Coordinator(s)?vPortal screenshot
Support Coordinators are specified on the vPortal. Please review your Support Coordinators by clicking on the VT cog and then selecting “Site Management” (as shown in the image to the right). Your Support Coordinators are listed at the bottom.

Support Coordinators may be updated upon request to Client Services or when you renew your support plan.

What about previously submitted incidents?
While Vertican is making the switch to Apptivo for all new incidents, previous incidents in the current support applications (SWIN or BIZ) will continue to be worked and closed. Keep in mind, if emails are sent regarding a previous incident, replies will create a new Case Number in Apptivo. Rest assured that the Client Services team will make note that this is part of a previous incident in SWIN or BIZ and ensure that the client is not charged an additional incident. Therefore, please do not remove the Case Number or Apptivo assigned number from the emails to prevent additional Apptivo cases from being created.

Does this new platform affect how I view my incidents?
Yes, vPortal now has a separate tab for Apptivo incidents. You will see a new tab for Apptivo incidents in the same section as your current incidents. This will be the location of all new incidents moving forward.

When will Apptivo be implemented?
Apptivo will parallel test with SWIN or BIZ on 12/16/2020. Apptivo will go live on 12/21/2020.

Our team is excited to kick-off Apptivo to improve your client service experience! We ask that you please be patient during the transition phase until all previous incidents are closed out. If you have any questions, please contact our team at [email protected] or 1-800-435-7257.

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