Cap One Update

As I am sure you already know, Vertican partnered with Capital One to bring a Collection-Master OMEGA solution to market in support of a new Capital One partner program for a March 31st release date. I am happy to share that the development is complete and the first two firms have passed user acceptance testing (UAT). The first firm is scheduled to convert this weekend and the second is tentatively scheduled for the following weekend. Capital One has also advised that the next tranche of firms is scheduled to begin UAT next week.

Although the “in application” deployment of this solution is a departure from our long term vExchange roadmap, it has made it possible for Capital One and our Collection-Master firms to meet an important business goal while still providing for a path for the firms to easily migrate to vExchange in the future. We remain committed to our vExchange vision and are continuing to actively enhance the product today.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share how we have prepared and plan to continue seamless service and support for our valued clients during current the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Firstly, remote work is not new at Vertican. Every Vertican employee across all departments is equipped with mobile computing, telephony technology, and has been working remotely as needed. Vertican has already activated parts of its Pandemic Response plan, allowing for increased telecommuting and more flexible work hours, and continues to follow federal, state, and local guidance.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please stay safe and healthy. As more updates are available my team or I will let you know.

Isaac Goldman​
Chief Operating Officer
Vertican Technologies, Inc.

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